Gary Player's son Wayne 'banned' from Augusta

Wayne Player, son of Masters legend Gary Player, has been "banned" from future Masters for using a solemn ceremony as an opportunity to promote golf balls, according to his brother Marc.

Yahoo/Sports report Thursday's ceremonial tee shot centered on Lee Elder, the first Black man to play in the Masters. While Elder was receiving the accolades of Augusta National and surrounding patrons, Wayne Player, serving as his father's caddy, stood behind Elder clearly holding a sleeve of OnCore golf balls in such a way as to give the logo maximum visibility.  

The move drew immediate heavy criticism on social media, with many established golf commentators expressing disbelief and disappointment that Wayne Player would use such a momentous occasion for product placement.

The issue wasn't the appearance of the logos themselves — almost every player at the Masters, including Elder himself, wears shirts and caps with logos — but the brazen and obvious nature of the move.

The criticism became so loud online that Buffalo, N.Y.-based OnCore Golf issued a statement on Twitter rebuking Wayne Player.